(Formerly called “Tricks to Get Chicks”)

Recommended age range 21 – 50. 

This class is NOT appropriate for those under age 18. 

The emphasis of this class is on barroom tricks and pickup lines.  It is designed to increase social interactions and to teach how to start conversations with potential romantic partners.  Because of the nature of this class, no syllabus is given.

You will learn tricks from the school of magic commonly referred to as Attraction Magic, Sexual Psychology, Tricks to Get Chicks, or Intimate Illusions.  Such tricks are used to start conversations, grab the interest of the romantic target, and increase the chances of a romantic encounter.

The cost of this seminar, $120, includes multiple props.  There are two classes in the series, Mate Meeting Magic One and Mate Meeting Magic Two.

Multiple tricks will be taught, including this representative sample trick (keep scrolling for a demonstration video).

      • The artist holds out a deck of cards and asks the target, “please, hold this.”
      • The target often holds out his/her hand face down.  This gives the artist the opportunity to hold the outstretched hand and say, “no, like this” while turning the target’s hand over and placing the cards in his/her hand.  This touching is the start of a bonding routine.
      • After the cards are placed in his/her hand, the artist takes his/her other hand and places it on top of the deck.  This touching is the second step along the bonding path.
      • The artist now says, “I want you to name a card, and I will turn it upside down right in front of you.”
      • The target either names a card or asks for more clarification.  After the card is named, the artist encloses the target’s hands in his own and turns them over, so the cards are now all upside down.  This is the third touching, which strengthens the bonding.
      • The artist announces, “I turned it upside down.”
      • This usually gets a few laughs, but even if there is not a positive reaction, the artist continues, “I’m just kidding.  I was just trying to see if we are compatible because we think alike, so I actually turned a card upside down before we even started.”  The artist then takes the cards from the target and spreads them out so everyone can see that there is actually one card that has been turned upside down.  It is the target’s card.
      • The artist has created a slight bond with the target by holding his/her hand several times, which leads to the next trick in which the target secretly writes his/her phone number on a card and then keeps the card so no one else can see it.  The card will later leave the target’s hands and teleport across the room to an impossible location.